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Deep Clean vs. Maintenance Clean: Which Cleaning Service is Right for You?

Deep Clean vs. Maintenance Clean: Which Cleaning Service is Right for You? 2 May

So you want to schedule a cleaning service, but you’re not sure whether a deep clean or a regular maintenance clean is right? No worries! We have got you covered! 

First of all, if you can’t remember the last time your house was clean, you should just go ahead and schedule that deep clean right now. We get it, life happens and it seems everything always happens at once. If you’re in need of a fresh, clean start, then our deep clean is for you. 

But just for educational purposes, we’ll review the differences between a maintenance clean and a deep clean, as you’ll find their purposes vary and you might be in need of both in the future. 

The Maintenance Cleaning Service

Our maintenance clean is our bread and butter service regularly scheduled after we complete the initial deep clean. And, speaking of bread and butter, that kitchen and the exteriors of all of your appliances will shine after a maintenance cleaning with Mrs. Clean Pittsburgh. We’ll empty your trash and sweep (or, vacuum if you aren’t fluent in Pittsburghese yet) all living areas of your home. 

All Heavy-Use Areas are Cleaned

In addition,  we clean and sanitize your heavy-use areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. All countertops, backsplashes, sinks, faucet fixtures, and even your microwave (yes, the inside, too) will get the attention they deserve. Our staff will wipe the exteriors of all of your kitchen appliances (dishwasher, oven, and refrigerator), and clean your stovetop, grates, and drip pans. 

Our top-notch team will clean all bathrooms. We scrub countertops, sink and faucet fixtures, and mirrors. For germs, don’t worry. We sanitize everything in our maintenance cleaning service, and we empty the bathroom trash, too.

To get that spotless clean, we scrub your shower(s) and tub(s), clean your toilets (inside and out), and shine all bathroom fixtures. We’ll dust cobwebs, ceiling fans, light fixtures and switches, and exposed vents,* sweep and wash your floors in all bathrooms as well. We’ll even fold your bath towels and toilet paper— just to add that extra touch of care.

All Living Areas are Cleaned

Across all living areas, we’ll sweep your floors (Swiffered or hand-washed) and dust everything the eye can see (including all accessible* baseboards, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and exposed vents). Additionally, we dust everything: any knick-knacks on open shelving or tables; cobwebs, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and exposed vents*; accessible baseboards, door frames, and doors; window sills, sashes, blinds, shutters, banisters, spindles, and chair rails— even your hanging artwork!

We’ll vacuum all floors and mop hard surface flooring. We will even vacuum your stairs and make your bed(s)! Basically, our wonderful staff takes care of all the main living areas of your home.

*Note: That can be reached on a two-step ladder.*

The Deep Cleaning Service

With our initial deep cleaning service, you can expect all of the regular maintenance cleaning tasks done successfully to your satisfaction and also handwashing a few more items like your ceiling fans, light fixtures, and vents that are accessible with a two-foot step-ladder. Hand washing your window sills and dusting your blinds is also included in our deep clean service. Don’t worry! We’ve got those baseboards, door jams, door frames, and light switches covered. We will hand wash every inch of those surfaces to ensure your home is dust-free.

In addition, we’ll hand wash your cabinets and drawers in your kitchen and bathrooms and vacuum underneath furniture where possible. We can’t lift heavy furniture, but it’s safe to say that if you can see that surface area, we’ll have it covered with our deep cleaning service.

Decisions, Decisions

Which cleaning service is best for you? Well, that depends. How long has it been since your last cleaning?

Is it warm, open-window weather, where you want all of those window sills cleaned before more dust and allergens get into your house? Are you expecting some company or did you just say goodbye to relatives visiting? These are all great times to schedule a deep clean. 

Then after, you can simply maintain your clean house by scheduling a routine maintenance cleaning service weekly, bi-weekly, or every 4 weeks to keep your house looking and smelling clean! You won’t even have to worry about the scheduling part, just think of Mrs. Clean as part of your weekly routine. Let us give you more time with your family and take care of your home cleaning!

Contact our cleaning professionals for your next cleaning and set up a routine cleaning schedule that fits your family’s needs, or check out our free estimate page for more information.