Mrs. Clean Pittsburgh came to my rescue! As a working mom of a toddler I was in desperate need of a service to get the home we purchased ready for move-in day. Mrs. Clean provided the service that I was looking for where another company had failed. I could instantly tell that the home was fresh and renewed. My stainless steel appliances, counter tops and floors were gleaming. Not to mention the products that were used smelled fantastic. Initially I did a quick internet search and unfortunately called another company that popped up first; Affordable Maids. I was so disappointed and thought I was going to have to take off of work to finish the job Affordable Maids didn’t do just so that I could move into my home. Fortunately, complaining to a friend led to the recommendation of Mrs. Clean and they were as promised! It saved me so much time and now we have moved in to our new home. Thank you Mrs. Clean!